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Congratulations on your Amazon DSP Business!

Amazon chooses only a few entrepreneurs to start their own DSP delivery business. If you are one of the lucky entrepreneurs chosen, don’t let the insurance requirements delay or add to your stress during the startup phase on your business. The Hanks Group works with Amazon DSPs to take away any confusion from the insurance requirements and provides Amazon exactly what they require. Contact The Hanks Group Insurance today to properly protect your business.

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Amazon DSP Insurance Requirements

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Mandatory in most states, worker’s comp protects you in the event your employees are injured while working. This type of insurance will cover any resulting medical expenses and lost wages so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket. Common claim filed by delivery drivers is when they get injured during the loading and unloading of different cargoes. Amazon requires $1,000,000 of workers comp coverage for each accident.
Commercial Auto Insurance
Commercial auto insurance is another type of insurance that ensures your vehicles and drivers are safeguarded against damage, bodily injury, legal costs, and more during an accident. Amazon requires $1,000,000 of commercial auto liability and will require comprehensive and collision coverage on each van if they are provided.
Cargo Insurance
This insurance is necessary for any business that ship cargoes at risk of property damage and/or loss during transit. Cargo Insurance helps you avoid damage sustained due to accidents, theft, vandalism, or total loss of cargo. Amazon DSPs are required to have a least $25,000 of cargo insurance.
Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)
Insurance is designed to protect business owners and operators from a wide variety of liability exposures. Some of these exposures could be liability caused by accidents resulting from the insured’s premises or operations, products sold by the insured, and operations completed by the insured. Amazon requires $1,000,000 of commercial general liability insurance.

Additional Amazon DSP Insurance (optional)

In addition to the required insurance coverage, The Hanks Group Insurance can provide you with additional protection we believe could serve your delivery business well including:
Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage
For situations when the driver at-fault does not have any liability insurance, this kind of insurance can help you remained insured against motorist accidents. Insuring your employees and vehicles is great but not everyone on the road is as cautious as you. Offer your employees security and peace of mind on the road by expanding your insurance coverage.
Employee Group Benefits
If your company has employees, you should consider offering health insurance. Additionally, you may expand their coverage by offering them life insurance. Employee group benefits demonstrate a sense of gratitude and care on behalf of the employees.

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