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About Rod Hanks

A 1996 graduate of Stephen F Austin State University, Rod started his professional career as a teacher and basketball coach at North Dallas High School. Rod’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to a career with New York Life Insurance Company in 1998. After leading all first year agents in sales, Rod was recruited by Nationwide Insurance in 1999 to start a “scratch” full service insurance agency. Starting with one employee and zero clients in East Dallas, The Hanks Group has grown to be one of the largest property and casualty insurance agencies in Dallas Fort Worth.

A chance encounter with his mentor, Greg Bell in 2001 started Rod’s real estate journey. In March of 2001, Rod bought, renovated, and sold his first property on Bonnieview Rd in Oak Cliff and netted $10,000. This first “win” was followed by several “losses” and he subsequently purchased his first rental property in October of 2001. Rod has since been involved in over 300 real estate transactions. Rod has wholesaled, rehabbed, built new construction, bought subject to, and wholetailed hundreds of properties over the years. Rod currently owns and manages a portfolio of rental properties in Dallas and Waco and actively buys 10-15 houses per year thru his website . Using his vast personal experience as a real estate investor, Rod has specialized in helping other investors with their insurance needs. was born out of Rod’s commitment to his fellow real estate investors and friends.

About The Hanks Group

Since 1999, The Hanks Group has served the insurance needs of Dallas area Businesses and Families. We at The Hanks Group strive to help you reach your own unique goals. We are committed to provide a full line of insurance products from our agency. Our agency’s primary focus is to protect you better with our broad range of insurance products. We offer a broad range of insurance products to protect Dallas & Fort Worth families.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the best coverage for the best price to protect the things and people you value most.

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